Thursday, February 7, 2019

Social Art can include painting about the news stories that matter

Doug Brinkman's Social Art Projects
2015 Listen (The Poet and the Judge) 2016 Fire and Rain art project wildfires, floods 2017 Not a Bystander art Project, Anger Violence, Bullying 2018 Status versus Motion art project - Alberta Politics & The Media 2019 More Circles than Squares art project

My 2019 "More Circles than Squares" social art project re-focuses my canvases on extreme environmental events in Alberta affecting Albertans. Circles represent's mother nature while squares represents human kind.

Art is made for people to react. Having a position means what you are doing is needed and it is creating change. In the long term a lot of people are going to appreciate it. Venezuelan Woman, Alberta Legislature,outdoor art show, 2017 - Painting about the news stories that matter to Albertans

She smiles after all that... Not a Bystander art project

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