Sunday, February 3, 2019

I'm a newspaper pressman, not a businessman - CEO Hawkeyi Media Inc.

Newspaper pressman in the Alberta 
Legislature public (not press) gallery

2019-02-03 WASTED ALBERTA TAXES: It was 4 years today as President and CEO of Hawkeyi media incorporated when I instructed my accountant to begin shutting down my company after losing $30,000.00. Half that money lost came from from the pockets of Alberta Tax papers. The past Conservative government stopped tax funding through Alberta Works these crash course business schools where I studied 9 weeks on entrepreneurship a year later after losing my job as a newspaper pressman of 42 years. After the NDP was elected they re-established tax funding to these business schools again. Several people on my press pass picket line suggested I start up a news media company to get that press pass into the Alberta Legislature. My response was you cannot become an entrepreneur with only a 9 week crash course at the expense of the taxpayer. It takes years of university study and hands on experience to become a successful business person. I'm a newspaper pressman... not a businessman.

Newspaper Printers Make Good Impressions
Music by Edmonton Street Busker Brian Breezy Gregg
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Freddy Coon: I am the third generation in newspaper printing and I've spent 40 years in newspaper printing I do miss it.

Ross Broadbridge: I too worked for many years on double wide goss's Metroliner is still my favorite after all these years worked at the Toronto sun when they were growing with the city and we worked those presses seven nights a week plus some day shifts. Enjoy the videos, Thanks.

newjersey1964: Cool video, I am a pressman in new York city and we are still hanging on. peace!

Robert Guerrero: Single nosed pasters!!! Hey, I'm still printing so I'm part of the dinosaur club.

JAE SIN DnB: I run a Goss uniliner 66" shaftless, we run heat set commercial work retail. Doug Brinkman is a lazy pressman, lol just kidding Doug.
Luke Siragusa: Always surreal to see how one's job appears far removed from the premises and condensed into a YouTube video. Worked with Metroliners for about 18 years at the Toronto Sun. The in-house pressroom was mothballed in 2007 and the (5) Goss'es were ground up and sold for scrap -- another casualty of the digital age. Thank you for the video Doug.

Robert Jackins: This is an outstanding video and I adore watching paper roll through a high-speed, industrial-sized press like this. Which facility is it and what daily is being produced?

Doug Brinkman: Eastgate Plant, The Edmonton Journal.

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