Friday, February 8, 2019

Go now and learn more about each other...

6.9.113 LISTENšŸ“Œ The Status versus Motion art project 

A powerful experience of unity,
go now and learn more about each other...

 Quebec City Mosque Shootings
I think it was powerful experience of unity and as I said to the people I think we need to take the next step after this powerful display of unity to go now and learn more about each other. For the only way we can dispel ignorance is through knowledge and knowledge is going to come when we start to understand each other's faith and tradition. We don't have to agree with everything but we need to understand. Rev. Paul Douglas Walfall, Alberta Legislature

go now and learn more about each other...

Alberta Legislature Press Pass Picket Day 109 YellowVests.

6 9 113 is the new name I now use for my blog that just went over 10,000 visits today. I've now hung up my news camera after 12 years, ended my press pass picket after 109 days and taken down over 90% of my citizen free news YouTubes that earned me over half a million views from my viewers across Canada and around the world. My motto for 12 years "People Have A Voice, They Will Be Heard!" My journey as a citizen news activist has helped me understand other people's cultures, religions and traditions dispelling fears of the unknown and replacing it with understanding and respect. I'm still trying to understand Wolfs of Odin, Infidels... So here I'll take my pause from my citizen free news journey and remember the words of my Edmonton Journal co-worker named Ralph who once asked me so many years ago "Why are you always helping those people?" "Those people" Ralph refereed to were folks with-in the Muslim and First Nation communities... Go Figure?

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