Friday, January 4, 2019

Not a Bystander to Anger, Violence, Bullying & Retribution

The "Non-Violence" Oilers Jersey was added to my 2017 Not a Bystander art project that focused my camera and canvases on anger, violence and bullying as a news project and art installment after the Edmonton Oilers eliminated the San Jose Sharks during playoff season. Reports began to surface of Oiler hockey fan violence and bullying by local news media after it was reported that a boy was bullied at the game and a woman was punched in the face after a game. Both incidences for simply wearing a San Jose jersey. I've been wearing my Non-Violence Oilers Jersey whenever I can, sharing my reasons why with others ever since...
This was the placard I was holding outside the Edmonton courthouse when I was assaulted by two XXX couriers on bikes, one was captured on video punching me in the head. The attack was determined to be politically motivated.  

You don't lead by hitting people over the head

That's assault - not leadeship

Myself I was assaulted 3 times in 2018 while wearing my Edmonton Oilers Non -Violence Jersey having my news camera turned on each time and capturing the moment of each assault.  First by a intoxicated man on Jasper avenue while filming a street preacher on the same corner being assaulted by the same guy. Second by a Canadian Press reporter outside the Alberta Legislature while I was picketing his employer the corporate news media for a press pass into the Alberta Legislature. Third by 2 political goons on bikes who were working at the time for XXX Courier service. Police were contacted all 3 times and I shared my video footage as evidence. No charges were laid in all 3 instances since the courts are too overwhelmed to be dealing with such frivolous attacks. Better to resolve these without laying charges as police suggested. Canadian Press apologized on behalf of thier reporter Dean Bennett who is also the man who decides who can report the news from inside the Alberta Legislature. The XXX Courier company took responsibility for thier two employees and apologized placing both men on a 90 day probation and forfeited thier Christmas bonuses to charities connected to violence prevention at my request.

Enjoy your freedoms, 
thank a veteran! 

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