Friday, January 11, 2019

Fun, Happy News Pickets, Creative Civil Information[ing] Actions

Riding on an Edmonton LRT Train to HAPPY! ❤️😍🌻
Three rules to Civil Information Activism - 1. Never get arrested , 2. Have fun at being the media civil information[ing] your cause to the public and 3. R.E.S.P.E.C.T all people property and rule and law while doing civil information[ing] (even you enemies and political foes). Riding on an Edmonton LRT train for happy was a brainstorm idea local performing activists including Rjin Vanderhook aka Billy Shakes. Billy and his pals asked me to film this segment ##HappynessDay of them spreading love, dance and cheer on a train ride throughout the City of Edmonton. It was worth seeing all the smiles on the faces of peoples on a train ride of happy. 

 CTV News Shot Sir Winston Churchill Square - UCP Budget Cuts are Going To Hurt!
Quick Draw from the Alberta Legislature public (not press) gallery

CTV News Shot Sir Winston Churchill Square - Omar Khadr -More To The Story

News Picketing The News Media Outside the Court House

News Picketing the Grey Cup Weekend

News Picketing The Provincial NDP Convention

Cariwest Festival, Press Pass Picketing in the Rain

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