Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Protesting in the Streets Risks The Health and Safety of Others

2019-01-22 Last night in my downtown neighborhood political activists blocked traffic at the intersection of 104 street and Jasper avenue during rush hour and performed a round dance and drum session protesting the recent arrests of Wet'suwet'en people in British Columbia who blockaded roads preventing pipeline companies access. Edmonton Police were not alerted of this protest catching everyone except the news media off guard so in essence protesters and the media endangered the health and safety of pedestrians, commuters and themselves playing in the streets. Before police arrived ETS buses and cars are seen going around the protesters while they danced in the intersection. Global Edmonton Photo/ Corel Draw Altered, Doug Brinkman

What has our Alberta Government bought now with our taxes?

2019-01-25 I’m going to continue inquiring about this newest purchase by the government of Alberta. Devices aimed towards the legislature and the grounds where weekly protests have been taking place with large law enforcement presence. I'm guessing they may be an acoustic devices -- also known as LRADs that is used to disperse crowds. LRAD Acoustic Hailing Devices (AHDs) broadcast audible, highly intelligible voice messages and deterrent tones from close range up to 3 kilometers. If indeed this is what they are I'll want to find out how much our Government spent on these and why.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

100 Days Press Pass Pickets - Rallies, Marches and Bear Attacks

Picket lines and picket signs, don't punish me with brutality. Talk to me, so you can see oh, what's going on, what's going on yeah, what's going on Ah, what's going on...

2019-01-18 Alberta Legislature Press Pass Picket Day 100
Friday I completed my Alberta Legislature's Day 100 Press Pass Picket - In 2018 I was denied twice a press pass and assaulted once during my picket outside the Alberta Legislature by Canadian Press Dean Bennett while reporters with Global TV and CBC watched and did nothing.  Dean grabbed my camera and shoved it into my face and asked why should he give me a press pass so I did not run, I stood my ground and recited our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms... The aggressive Canadian Press reporter backed off... 

Hostile Canadian Press Reporter Makes A Charge Towards Me!
"I did not run but stood my ground instead!"

I wondered if I was going to be attacked again during the womans march this weekend so I prepared my plan of defenses in case I had another bad human encounter. Bad human attacks are becoming more frequent living in my downtown neighbourhood. Like the two XXX Express couriers on bikes who attacked me without warning in front of the Edmonton court house with one of the bastards taking a swipe at my face. Local E.P.S. (game and wildlife) police could not determine the cause for the unprovoked attacks since the the bastards kept changing thier story and would not tell police what actually prompted them to attack me on bikes without provocation or warning. In past I have always attended the womans march as a citizen news reporter and as one naturally instinctive protective male doing my part defending females rights and freedoms and calling for an end in violence towards women. How should I deal with bad behaving humans in recent months who try to intimidate me with attacks without warning?  Is there a potential of being injured one day or even killed by one of these bad bears? Should I wear bear bells, make lots of noise and carry bear spray or perhaps become like a defensive bear myself and answer with violence next time I'm punched in the face by a XXX Express courier again? The police have investigated and confirmed I was assaulted 3 times in 2018 but discouraged me from laying any charges since the courts are currently overwhelmed with a backlog of bear encounters and it would likely never make it to court anyways.  I know I won't allow these misbehaving humans make me stay in my tent and hide inside my sleeping bag so I'm ready to employ some defensive precautions while in bear country and will be prepared fight back if I have to. Police (game and wildlife) have suggested responding with violence only as a last resort. Last week I was told to fuck off by an antifascist in front of police during a City of Edmonton sponsored inclusiveness, love rally co-sponsored by the Alberta Government.  This bad behaving bear was acting on his own behalf crowd controlling the City's love everybody rally. He and his friends were just trying to protect there territory so once again I stood my ground with police (game and wildlife) standing next to us and we reestablished our territories again in the public park.  All the while the grumpy bear continued to bark and growl during our negotiations but he eventually fucked off himself and left me in peace.  

Fuck off said the love and inclusiveness bear 

The womans March in past has always been highly political and organized every year by politically left activists and attended by NDP, Communist and Marxist politicians. All the years I've news covered these rallies I've never seen a conservative or liberal politician march in a womans march. I interviewed Rachel Notley months before she became our Premier of Alberta during an illegal womans march down Whyte Avenue blocking traffic and catching Edmonton police service off guard (No City Permit) and no regard for public safety.  Today's womans march rally inside Sir Winston Churchill Square is organized by the red star hat wearing Paula Kirman, also a news activist like myself who claims she's not a communist. Paula's key speaker today will be Peggy Morton the leader of the Alberta Marxist Leninist party. No stranger from controversy and violence last summer Peggy Morton invited me to ask questions during her pro Syrian rally in front of the Old Strathcona Farmer's Market co-sponsored in part by the Communist Party of Alberta. I asked why is the Edmonton Coalition Against War and Racism (ECAWAR) defending President Bashar al-Assad, the man news media in Canada and the USA has identified responsible for the killing and displacement of his own people in Syria many of whom now live in Canada as refuges. She stood back while the crowd turned on me accusing me of promoting lies, while one man grabbed me by my wrist that held my camera and assaulted me. Morton the president of ECAWAR stood by and watched while I was assaulted by a mob of 50 for asking the wrong question. No Edmonton police service were present at the time to keep the peace next to the busy farmers market. My mother later pointed out after watching my video (below) saying she did not see any Canadian flags at the protest, only Syrian flags.  

More weekend violence is expected downtown Edmonton as it has in past weeks, an NDP stronghold. Over the years while news covering rallies I witnessed unionists, communist activists, antifascists, Marxist Leninist activists, IWW Wobbles, Occupy Edmonton and anarchists agitating, intimidating, bullying and sometimes getting violent during rallies, protests and on picket lines.  The NDP Government would never outwardly support such tactics by political activists but rarely do the NDP speak out against them considering they make up a huge part of thier voter support base. The Leader of the Communist Party of Alberta Naomi Rankin has said in past she encourages her party members to vote NDP because they reflect thier socialists values the best and have the best chances of defeating conservatives and forming government.

 Last Word on Misbehaving Humans (bear attacks)
"Not a man who likes to resort to or promote violence, I use the ' am I dealing with a defensive bear or a bad bear that wants to kill me method' to determine if I need to respond to violence with violence."

XXX Express Couriers Attack
Assaulted in front of the Edmonton Court House while news picketing 'Omar Khadr-More to the story' to the news media. An unidentified law enforcement officer later suggested that I may have been targeted because of my news reporting such as my coverage on the Yellow Vest rallies. 
As a civil information activist of 12 years I try to approach my news activism in public with respect towards all people property and the rule of law. I've learned just as the corporate news media has that not everyone is going to like the news work I publish. While news covering controversal news stories I always try to keep in mind most human animosities that end up violent can be avoided by learning from bear attacks caused over something these big carnivoran mammals might value important such as food, cubs and territory. Conflicting encounters in our human urban jungles I believe can be avoided for the most part by learning about how to deal with bear encounters in bear country and employing the same basic fundamental dos and don'ts learned from bears and applying them to bad human being encounters. So far knock on wood I've not been injured while working as a news activist. 

Stephen Herrero on Black Bear Attacks. Stephen Herrero, a University of Calgary professor emeritus, discusses a new study of fatal black bear attacks in North America. Continued...

Women have Marched in Alberta before they got to vote

2007 Citizen Free News 2019
Womans March Edmonton 2017 - Alberta Legislature

2019-01-20 Tweet: #yeg #WomansMarch Host Paula Kirman's #WomansMarch2019 was about criticizing #Canada #RCMP Canada's #NATO Alliance with U.S. and very little to do with womans rights.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Thank you Brian Mason for your leadership and public service

Every day this week downtown Edmonton and outside the Alberta Legislature I shared leaflets and news pickets with Albertans including with the Minister of Municipal Affairs Shaye Anderson, Minister of Advanced Education Marlin Schmid and today with the Minister of Transportation and Government House Leader Brian Mason. I thanked Brian for all his years in public service serving Alberta and reminded him that he was featured in my first news story as a citizen news activist in 2007 covering a rally in front of the Alberta Legislature. Brian Mason joined other Albertans calling for the Canadian Government to release Omar Khadr' and be returned to Canada from Guantanamo Bay. Photo by Sheriff Richard.

Remembering the Honorable Speaker Gene Zwozdesky

"We stand in Solidarity Against Violence" - Gene Zwozdesky

Enjoy your freedoms, 
thank a veteran! 

Saturday, January 12, 2019

"Fuck off!" said the Anti-Hate, Love and Inclusiveness Thug

YouTube Comment: This is not our Canadian values... service was Always our way... courtesy was always our way, kindness to strangers has now been our down fall. They mistake our kindness with weakness, yet it is what makes great societies! thanks for being there to document the ever more losses of the Great Canadian way Doug... deep gratitude Sir!

2019-01-12 This Saturday I did 2 live broadcasts, one from the Alberta Legislature during a rally held by the Yellow Vests and later from a inside Sir Winston Churchill Square during an anti hate rally. As a citizen news activist I like attending rallies leafleting, news picketing and sharing news and information with good folks I meet. Today I checked in first with the Edmonton police service and said that I would not to interfere with the rally.  The police looked at my placard and gave me thier okay to go ahead with my picket from the sidelines from where the anti hate rally was taking place. 
Alberta Legislature Press Pass Picket Placard used during rally 

I was immediately approached by 4 men from the rally and told by one man who had his face partially covered to "FUCK OFF!" out of Churchill Square. Another man accused me from trying co-opt thier Love, Inclusiveness rally and that I was not welcome here. Manwar Khan, also an Alberta Party candidate known for his anti hate and bullying activism was present during the altercation. Rallies and protests every weekend downtown has turned our neigbourhood into a war zone full of anger, hate and anxiety felt by residence and those who work downtown. The City of Edmonton's anti hate initiative are creating havoc and breaches of the peace in our neighborhood with skirmishes of violence and bullying like I experienced today from the attendees of the anti hate rally. Weekly rallies and protests co-sponsored by the City of Edmonton's anti hate initiatives are costing Edmonton tax payers a hefty bill for all the extra policing. Over 50 police and peace officers I lost count counting during one weekend of protests when these anti haters crashed a rally in Churchill Square held by conservative yellow vests.

Naomi Rankin (left) Leader of the Alberta Communist Party is seen communicating with the two men who told me to leave earlier. (Below) Here is a leaflet this City of Edmonton sponsored anti hate event handed out to the public. I was later invited to mingle with the attendees after the rally but I said no thanks "I don't feel safe around you people" 

The same cast from today's Love, Inclusiveness rally
Political B.S. might best describe what today's love, inclusive, rally was all about, sponsored in part by the City of Edmonton and attended by local news media and politicians. All using racism and hate as a backdrop for these staged propagated anti hate campaigns in an effort to garner votes and support away from the leading United Conservative Party for the upcoming 2019 provincial election. Months of planning went into today's anti-hate rally originally initiated by the City Of Edmonton after it's proclamation against hate and racism was declared during another media staged event last fall. One has to wonder how much tax payers money has been spent that includes extra costs of policing for this political expenditure the City initiated targeting it's conservative citizens. 
Politicians, activists and news media stage anti-discrimination event.

Politicians and news media stage anti-hate event.

2018-12-15 The non city permit counter protesting Communists, Marxist and Antifascists drown out city permitted Yellow Vests made up of mostly conservatives during the singing of O'Canada by banging pots and pans and chanting "Racists..." inside Sir Winston Churchill Square. Over 50 police and peace officers formed a line separating the two groups. 

YouTube Comment: Eliza Lee 
Those people who protest against the yellow vests are so misinformed and blind. Alberta is losing $84 million each day due to lack of pipeline. The deficit has reached historical high. Soon there will be no public-funded social programs. 

YouTube Comment jackpontiac52 
Police should ARREST ANTIFA. They have NO Permit to Protest ! Next weeks protest will be Bigger and Better ! GO #yellowvests ! 

YouTube Comment Ufo Trailers 
First Nations lady nailed it at 6:55 🇨🇦❤️ 

Last YouTube Comment Post Thunder13 
Great to see ANTIFA alive and full of exuberance in Canada's conservative stronghold OUTSHOUTING the fascists in the vests. The right wing is losing their place in the world and they know it! Globalism will triumph. Hammer and sickle! LONG LIVE THE IDEALS OF JOSEPH STALIN & LENIN!

Sunday, January 6, 2019

The 2019 More Circles than Squares art project begins spring

"Err on the side of caution when you're dealing with the future unknown." 
- River Valley Joe, The Fire and Rail art project 2016
2018-12-14: It’s not something you’d expect to hear in December, but a wildfire is burning out of control in the western Alberta foothills, south of Edson and Hinton. Alberta Wildfire said the blaze broke out Friday afternoon in an area that has seen little snowfall so far this winter. High winds of more than 100 km/h have fanned the flames. Global News

2019 More Circles than Squares art project will focus my camera and canvases onto environmental issues in Alberta and Western Canada, adding to the 2016 Fire and Rain project that focused on the wildfires and rains in Alberta. I'll bring this project out into the public square to inspire dialog and publish news stories. 2016 Fire and Rain art project

"Art is made for people to react. Having a position means what you are doing is needed and it is creating change. In the long term a lot of people are going to appreciate it." -Venezuelan woman, Alberta Legislature art show 2017.

"Mother Earth is ready to cleanse. The natural shape is a circle, our cells are a circle, stars are a circle, the sun, the moon, the earth. The mothers womb is a circle. I don't believe we should be living in these squares." - Chief No Tribe 2016

Friday, January 4, 2019

Not a Bystander to Anger, Violence, Bullying & Retribution

The "Non-Violence" Oilers Jersey was added to my 2017 Not a Bystander art project that focused my camera and canvases on anger, violence and bullying as a news project and art installment after the Edmonton Oilers eliminated the San Jose Sharks during playoff season. Reports began to surface of Oiler hockey fan violence and bullying by local news media after it was reported that a boy was bullied at the game and a woman was punched in the face after a game. Both incidences for simply wearing a San Jose jersey. I've been wearing my Non-Violence Oilers Jersey whenever I can, sharing my reasons why with others ever since...
This was the placard I was holding outside the Edmonton courthouse when I was assaulted by two XXX couriers on bikes, one was captured on video punching me in the head. The attack was determined to be politically motivated.  

You don't lead by hitting people over the head

That's assault - not leadeship

Myself I was assaulted 3 times in 2018 while wearing my Edmonton Oilers Non -Violence Jersey having my news camera turned on each time and capturing the moment of each assault.  First by a intoxicated man on Jasper avenue while filming a street preacher on the same corner being assaulted by the same guy. Second by a Canadian Press reporter outside the Alberta Legislature while I was picketing his employer the corporate news media for a press pass into the Alberta Legislature. Third by 2 political goons on bikes who were working at the time for XXX Courier service. Police were contacted all 3 times and I shared my video footage as evidence. No charges were laid in all 3 instances since the courts are too overwhelmed to be dealing with such frivolous attacks. Better to resolve these without laying charges as police suggested. Canadian Press apologized on behalf of thier reporter Dean Bennett who is also the man who decides who can report the news from inside the Alberta Legislature. The XXX Courier company took responsibility for thier two employees and apologized placing both men on a 90 day probation and forfeited thier Christmas bonuses to charities connected to violence prevention at my request.

Enjoy your freedoms, 
thank a veteran! 

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

#MyEmojiYear sitting up in the #Ableg Public (Not Press) Gallery

The 2018 Status versus Motion art project
#MyEmojiYear was sitting up in the #Ableg public (not press) gallery for hours, days, weeks, months observing ALL our MLAs hard at work for Albertans #pipelines #Jobs #debt #NDP #UCP #Abpoli #Canpoli
Pipelines For or Against? PokemonGO Community Day

Enjoy your freedoms, 
thank a veteran! 

Fun, Happy News Pickets, Creative Civil Information[ing] Actions

Riding on an Edmonton LRT Train to HAPPY! ❤️😍🌻
Three rules to Civil Information Activism - 1. Never get arrested , 2. Have fun at being the media civil information[ing] your cause to the public and 3. R.E.S.P.E.C.T all people property and rule and law while doing civil information[ing] (even you enemies and political foes). Riding on an Edmonton LRT train for happy was a brainstorm idea local performing activists including Rjin Vanderhook aka Billy Shakes. Billy and his pals asked me to film this segment ##HappynessDay of them spreading love, dance and cheer on a train ride throughout the City of Edmonton. It was worth seeing all the smiles on the faces of peoples on a train ride of happy. 

 CTV News Shot Sir Winston Churchill Square - UCP Budget Cuts are Going To Hurt!
Quick Draw from the Alberta Legislature public (not press) gallery

CTV News Shot Sir Winston Churchill Square - Omar Khadr -More To The Story

News Picketing The News Media Outside the Court House

News Picketing the Grey Cup Weekend

News Picketing The Provincial NDP Convention

Cariwest Festival, Press Pass Picketing in the Rain

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

My January Winter Painting Project - Bridging The Gaps

2019-01-12 I think of #FirstNations #consultation with my painting.  I think of #pipelines and I think of road blockades. The construction of the new Walterdale bridge divided the ppl of Edmonton and it's first nations community over sacred burial grounds under the construction site.
2019-01-12 Taz Bouchier singing during womans march rally. 

Literally cool (0 C) to be adding more paint to an old painting outside the Alberta Legislature today. I started this painting January 2015 on location in front of the construction site for the new Walterdale bridge. I love the new bridge but miss the old green metal pig as one City councilor described it when deciding it's fate "you can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig in the end" See if you can spot the lone Canada goose in the video...
 January 2015 Walterdale Bridge painting

Walterdale Bridge YouTubes by Doug Brinkman

2018 New Walterdale Bridge Painting
YouTube: The New Walterdale Bridge summer art project 2018

August 17, 2018 My most perfect day - Looking Back...

August 17, 2018: I knew I was going to give a painting away today before I made it to the Alberta Legislature grounds for my #649 th. noon art show. This is Rob with his wife Pam and thier son Tristan from Fort McMurray with my painting The Flowering Bush, painted on the legislature grounds in the spring of 2017 during my Canada 150 Art is Freedom series. 

Enjoy your freedoms, 
thank a veteran! 

2007 Civil Information Activism 2019 Poster Blitz

Respect people, property and the rule of law

Looking back to New Years Eve 2012...
Civil Information Activism, News Poster, December 2012 
December 31, 2012: One Last Civil Information Action before 2013 - My Favorite time as a citizen media news activist since 2007 is getting out and meeting people. (My Irish people person/gift to gab comes into play) Tonight as I've done each year as a news activist  I will hand out leaflets outside the gates of Sir Winston Churchill Square to revelers who'll come downtown Edmonton to welcome in the New Year. If time permits I want to do another segment of "Edmonton Speakers Corner" and ask Albertans what they think of  the "Idle No More" movement that started November this year and Canada's future for 2013... Side Note: I'm actively searching for a volunteer news reporter/journalist who is like minded with my Civil Information Activism cause, to become a joint partner in 2013... Happy New Years Friends, Family and Activists! " Don't Hate The Media, Be The Media!" Civil Information Activism -

"People have a voice, they will be heard!"
Active Citizenship - Social Artistry - Free News Sharing

Enjoy your freedoms, 
thank a veteran!