Thursday, December 27, 2018

Yellow Vests, Communists, Antifascist - First Nation Consultation

YouTube Comment: Eliza Lee 
Those people who protest against the yellow vests are so misinformed and blind. Alberta is losing $84 million each day due to lack of pipeline. The deficit has reached historical high. Soon there will be no public-funded social programs. 

YouTube Comment jackpontiac52 
Police should ARREST ANTIFA. They have NO Permit to Protest ! Next weeks protest will be Bigger and Better ! GO #yellowvests ! 

YouTube Comment Ufo Trailers 
First Nations lady nailed it at 6:55 🇨🇦❤️ 

Last YouTube Comment Post Thunder13 
Great to see ANTIFA alive and full of exuberance in Canada's conservative stronghold OUTSHOUTING the fascists in the vests. The right wing is losing their place in the world and they know it! Globalism will triumph. Hammer and sickle! LONG LIVE THE IDEALS OF JOSEPH STALIN & LENIN!

Canada to endorse UN migration pact The Global Compact explicitly affirms the sovereign right of states to set their own national migration policies, conforming to international law. The global compact has drawn sharp criticism around the world from those who insist it infringes on national sovereignty and blurs the lines between regular and irregular migration. Several countries, including the U.S., Australia, Israel, Hungary and Austria, bowed out of negotiations leading to the final draft of the compact. CBC

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