Thursday, February 7, 2019

Free News Sharing Omar Khadr - More to the Story

Citizen Free News Exclusive

“If this is not acceptable for a US citizen, why should it be acceptable for a Canadian citizen?” Sam Morison, Omar Khadr's U.S. Defence Lawyer. 

LOSE TO WIN – full transcript Morison Lecture, “Omar Khadr: the Man – the Law” Omar Khadr DID NOT commit a war crime. Date: November 12, 2013. FREE OMAR THE OFFICIAL CAMPAIGN WEBSITE

I'm joined with Melanie Humphreys, PhD President of Kings University on my news picket "Omar Khadr - More to the Story" in front of the Alberta Legislature. 
Citizen free news clip Brian Mason currently the NDP House Leader and Minister of Transportation defending Omar Khadr 2007.  
O'Canada - Albertans Get Active for Omar Khadr 

Dennis Edney, Canadian defence lawyer

Dennis Edney 'Our judicial system is something to be proud of'

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