Friday, December 14, 2018

Omar Khadr - More to the Story...

Citizen free news clip Brian Mason currently the NDP House Leader and Minister of Transportation defending Omar Khadr 2007.

U.S. Department of Defence Sam Morison Defends Omar Khadr 

Omar Khadr, Dr. Stephen Nicholas Xenakis University of Alberta

I'm joined by Melanie Humphreys, PhD President of Kings University on my news picket "Omar Khadr - More to the story" in front of the Alberta Legislature today. The King's University is a private Christian university offering bachelor's degrees in the arts, humanities, music, social sciences, natural sciences and commerce/management, as well as an education after degree.

 A great credit to you & your professionalism.Your work affirms our values. Dr. Stephen Nicholas Xenakis, American psychiatrist and U.S. military officer.

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