Friday, November 30, 2018

Alberta Legislature PRESS PASS PICKET 80 Days
Day 79: Quick draw in the back parking lot of the Alberta Legislature while picketing for a press pass. A CBC reporter took a photo of my news poster after I completed it. Several MLAs and many in the general public enjoyed the context of my news poster relating to News Item: Notley says Alberta will buy rail cars to move oil, wants Ottawa to chip in - CBC.
Not a Bystander To Corporate News Media Bullies

Alberta Legislature
2018-11-15 Press Pass Picket Day 73
Alberta Legislature
Citizen Free News Press Pass Picket 
for More Open Government Transparency!
November 11, 2018: I'm not willing to take "no" for an answer from an employee who works for the corporate news media who blocks my right to free speech, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, media and communication inside the Alberta Legislature. As long as I'm willing and able to report the news from outside the Alberta Legislature I'll continue protesting those corporate news media employees who manage the press gallery inside the Legislature until I'm granted a press pass into the press gallery and full access to press scrums and press releases. I'll continue calling on my Government and opposition parties of Alberta to remove obstacles that infringe on the rights and freedoms of Canadians who live by democracy and not the corporatocracy of the news media that presides over our individual rights and freedoms inside our Alberta Legislature. Doug Brinkman

November 14, 2018: Today the Alberta Legislature press core president Dean Bennett of Canadian press grabbed my camera out of my hand during my press pass picket and assaulted me by shoving my camera into my face. Global and CBC reporters watched, one reporter is seen laughing during the assault. I contacted the Edmonton police service later this day and they suggested I take this up with Canadian Press first. More soon

November 16, 2018: The Edmonton police service confirmed I was assaulted by the Canadian Press reporter Dean Bennett. I decided not to lay charges. The Edmonton police service gave a warning to Canadian Press instead. Today 630 CHED radio talk show host Ryan Jespersen was having a round table discussion with reporters, talking about on the increase of hate and lack of respect towards the news media in Canada and around the world. At one point Jespersen told his guests and listening audience that he won't turn the cheek if he was slapped in the face...

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