Sunday, November 11, 2018

The bystander on Armistice100 day - Social Art Project

Armistice100, 11 A.M. Gun Salute, Alberta Legislature, Lest We Forget 
Day 2 painting "Armistice - Not a Bystander" by Doug Brinkman

Lest We Forget 2018 Armistice 100 
ceremony & event Nov.11 at the Alberta Legislature, Capital Plaza, 1 pm.
Day 1, November 10, 2018:  #LestWeForget #armistice100yeg 
"Armistice - Not a bystander" #Ableg This is how my newest painting might look similar to: A lone spirit of a soldier standing next to a tree and watches Albertans commemorate and remember Armistice 100.
 November 10, 2018, 2 PM - First coat of paint is applied
 Day 2, November 11, 2018:  7 am Nov 11, 2018 
-10 windchill outside with flurries forecast later today -adding paint to "Armistice- not a bystander" in my kitchen #Armistice100#LestWeForget A lone spirit of a soldier standing next to a tree watches Albertans commemorate and remember...
 Sarah my wife is still asleep so she won't know about the mess I've made in our kitchen.
 day 2, 8:10 am Nov 11, 2018 -10 When I started adding poppies to "Armistice - Not a bystander I began to cry...#Armistice100 #LestWeForget Below the poppies a lone spirit of a soldier stands next to a tree and watches ...
Day 2,  9:am Nov 11, 2018 "Armistice - Not a bystander 
#Armistice100 #LestWeForget I'm holding a medallion Grenadier Guards 17179.A.T. BRINKMAN. I think he was 19 when he was killed in WW1. I'll hold this close during the 21 gun salute this morning at the #Ableg.

Partially completed Armistice - Not a Bystander: A streak of light passes over the right shoulder of the costumed WW1 soldier, towards the painting of a lone ghost by a tree. The ghost is watching Albertan's commemorate and remember those who defended our nation and our freedoms. ❤️🥁📢 In 2016 my art was banned from being shown in public places 3 times from our Alberta Legislature, threatened police action by city hall. It took 46 days of pickets to get my freedom back from the authorities who hated my freedom. We must always remember everyday those women and men who defended our nation against those who hated our freedoms.
November 12, 2018 
❤️🥁📢day 3, completed re-titled "The bystander on Armistice100 day" 
My painting depicts a lone ghost by a tree. He watches Albertan's commemorate and remember those who defended our nation and our freedoms.#RemembranceDay2018 #ArmistaceDay100 #AbLeg #BridgingTheGap

Lest We Forget 2017 📢 Vimy 100 April 9, 
Painting Vimy - Not a Bystander.

2018 Social Artistry Painting Weekend
Armistice 100 - Not a Bystander

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