Friday, November 30, 2018

November, Respect People, Property and the Rule of Law

News picketing during the pro pipeline line rally

November 30, 2018: #Pipelines Citizen free news picket reporting from #Yeg Jasper and 100 street handing out leaflets to bystanders across the street from the "Tell the (Liberal) Resource Minister (Sohi Amarjeet) Pipeline Owners Demand Answers" rally #abpoli #Ableg Citizen free news Police reported the rally was friendly and peaceful. Ryan Jespersen of 630 CHED (sister Global TV) invited Minister Amarjeet on air but the Minister would not respond to Jason Kenney's call for mandate emergency cuts to oil production. 

2018 -11-26 Notes from the public (not press) gallery #NDP #UCP agreed to remove against her wishes Robyn Luff MLA of Calgary-East from the standing committee for public accounts. Both Alberta party Greg Clark and Freedom Conservative party Derek Fildebrandt argued this move was wrong...

The Giddy Colour Commentator & Finance Minister Joe Ceci was finally outed and made to retract his comments accusing members of being "Drunken Sailors" for the 4th time I've heard it said since I moved into the public (not press) gallery. The Honourable Shaye Anderson MLA for Leduc-Beaumont told me last week "drunken sailors" is used to describe out of control spending...

News Pickets 
Alberta's Growing Debt
Last of the Alberta Caribou
Alberta Health Care Wait Times 
Pipelines: Alberta United a Nation divided 
International Day for the elimination of Violence against Women
Jasper and 100 Street Non-(Fan) Violence News picket "She smiles after all that..."
#GreyCup2018 'Buzzing 630 CHED Tower' 50,000 Watts- Bryan Hall nicknamed "Hallsy", Canadian radio & television personality, retired radio play-by-play broadcaster for the Edmonton Eskimos. Born Aug 19, 1934 Tor., Ont. Not a Bystander to Hockey Fan Violence, Bullying NEWS PICKET

November 22, 23, 24 and 25, 2018
Citizen Free News pickets and poster blitz campaign. 
Grey Cup news distributions "word of mouth"  

November 22, 2018: #Ableg Q&A the Honourable Speaker Robert Wanner MLA for Medicine Hat, Alberta was seen losing his patience with our Government's breakdown of democratic civil debate replaced with a theatrical atmosphere of comedy and drama of personal attacks against her Majesty's official opposition​. #UCP Devin Dreeshen MLA for Innisfail-Sylvan Lake shouldered the bulk of today's attacks remained unmoved when #NDP Minister of Economic Development and Trade Deron Bilous, MLA for Edmonton-Beverly-Clareview took a stroll down memory lane to Devin's  Donald Trump campaigning past in the USA, having nothing to do with Devin's questions to the Honourable Minister. 

Word of Mouth, Person to Person Interactions
Civil Information Activism is Citizen Free News Distribution 
November 22, 2018 Grey Cup Weekend: The Fun Cops nabbed me Citizen Free News Picketing "Budget Cuts are Going To Hurt! - Bankers Get Richer, Interest on Debt, while Albertans Get Poorer" next to the Grey Cup 2018 festivities downtown Edmonton. Released on bail just in time to make my way down to the Alberta Legislature for another afternoon of question period...

POINTS OF ORDER 2018-11-20 #Ableg #NDP Speaker Debbie Jabbour thanked Derek Fildebrandt for his point of order alleging #UCP leader Jason Kenney of illegal price fixing. The NDP House leader Brian Mason agreed in part with Derek's arguments. All the while NDP MLAs laughed, joked and desk thumped. Speaker Debbie Jabbour dropped the point of order after 30 minutes of debate and arguments.

Trans Day Of Remembrance flag raising day.   
#NDP Minister of Finance Joe Ceci often refers to the official opposition #UCP as "drunken sailors" during question period. If I see Joe outside the Leg, I'll have to ask him why he says that? This week Education Minister Eggen said #UCP MLAS lacked critical thinking... Official opposition #UCP leader Jason Nixon called a point of order accusing the Education Minister Eggen of insulting Alberta voters who elected his caucus MLAs to office. The point of order was dropped.   
November 19, 2018: Citizen free news Quick Draw from the public (not press) gallery yet... The Alberta NDP often like to point out UCP MLA for Lac La Biche-St. Paul-Two Hills David Hanson's quote of saying "budget cuts, are going to hurt!" during question period. The UCP caucus often responds to our NDP Government "helping thier banker friends get richer with the interest payments servicing Alberta's growing projected 98 Billion debt. And if that's not enough to #MondayMotivate you to go back to bed, it was learned by your's truly for citizen free news that Alberta regulator underestimated the oilpatch's financial liabilities are in hundreds of billions more than what it told the public. Liberal MLA David Swan called for an emergency debate over this news estimated reclamation/ clean-up debt of 260 billion, but it was flatly rejected by both the NDP and UCP. News Picket - Alberta's Growing Debt. 
Active Citizenship-Free News Sharing since 2007
Unidentified Oiler fan protests City of Edmonton before the game. 


November 14, 2018: Everyone Likes NDP Hon. Deron Bilous! He's just in the wrong party #CarbonTax #TransMountain #Jobs #economy said most of the nomination candidates.  Photo taken from last night's #UCP nomination Edmonton-Beverly-Clareview forum. I was very impressed with the answers given by all 3 candidates and I like Deron too.

November 8, 2018: MLA Todd Loewen MLA for Grande Prairie-Smoky, known as the Caribou Man to his #UCP colleagues questioned #NDP Hon Shannon Phillips MLA for Lethbridge-West for an update on the social economic impact assessment re-caribou ranges in Alberta. "Not completed as of yet." The Federal Government has put aside give or take $30 million for Alberta's protection of caribou under the endangered species protection act.  November 9,2018 YouTube: Last of the Alberta Caribou #UCP Q&A #NDP #Ableg

'None of us are angels'- UCP Leader Jason Kenney
November 9, 2018 (Updated November 13): All Alberta elected MLAs came together yesterday afternoon adding important amendments to Hon Minister Sarah Hoffman's Bill 21, an act to protect patients. I shared the news of the 3 readings of the bill with my "plans to be a lawyer one day" wife Sarah at the supper table that night and she expressed concerns over false allegations and accidental touching regarded as sexual advances by patients

"Quick Draw from the public (Not Press) gallery highlighting the morning's session Jason Kenney applauded the Government adding a permanent suspension to Doctor's found guilty of sexual assault. Alberta Party MLA Karen McPherson proposed the amendment of a lifetime ban on medical professionals from what was originally drawn up in the bill as a minimum of five years before doctors could reaply for thier licences. NDP party whip Estefania Cortes-Vargas MLA for Strathcona-Sherwood Park quickly criticized Kenney along with tears of using the permanent ban amendment of the bill to puff himself and his party up at the expense of victims of sexual abuse. Kenney gently apologized to Estefania saying that he did not intend on making it sound like it was about him, but rather the fact that the NDP has historically rejected many of the UCPs suggestions in past,  later adopting thier suggestions such as this permanent ban amendment with bill 21. Kenney criticized the atmosphere of hate by the NDP Government towards him and his United Conservative party and expressed concern that it's disrupting constructive, civil debate and delaying bills. Last fall the NDP House Leader Brian Mason joked about the new decorum Jason Kenney brought with him as the new leader of the United Conservative Party as a political strategy of "little rascals acting like angels" Today Jason confirmed during his statement to the Speaker and the assembly that "none of us are angels."    

"and I say to you that no man and no woman on two legs 
should ever make you shut up" - Rachel Notley

November 6, 2018: $60 billion oil sands reclamation costs jumping up to $260 billion. Dr. David Swann (AL) MLA for Calgary-Mountain View, tried in vain arguing the need for an emergency debate with the Speaker Robert Wanner expressing concerns of Alberta tax payers footing the bill if Oil companies walked away from the environmental mess they made. Swan's motion was shot down by both the NDP, UCP house leaders followed by the Speaker of the assembly. In the morning session I sketched the last hours of NDP Robyn Luff sitting at her desk from the Government side of the house. Her desk was later moved to the far reaches of the assembly that afternoon by Speaker Wanner. Robyn says she will continue her protest and not return to her job inside the assembly. 

Jasper is isolated to threats of wildfire. Whistler campground will be closed 2019 to remove trees affected by the pine beetle. Controlled burns will continue inside the park. Emergency Management Amendment Act, 2018 passed 3 rd reading November 1, 2018. See The 2016 Fire and Rain art project, Wildfires and Rains 

YouTube: "Make America great hat worn way too tight - NDP Schmidt"- Hon. Minister Marlin Schmidt #NDP responding to #UCP Devin Dreeshen having rich parents.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Painting : The bystander on Armistice100 day

Armistice 100, 11 A.M. Gun Salute, Alberta Legislature, Lest We Forget 

Partially completed Armistice - Not a Bystander: A streak of light passes over the right shoulder of the costumed WW1 soldier, towards the painting of a lone ghost by a tree. The ghost is watching Albertan's commemorate and remember those who defended our nation and our freedoms.November 12, 2018, The bystander on Armistice100 day" 

April 9, 2017 Vimy - Not a Bystander.

"Enjoy your freedom, thank a veteran"

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Starbucks Coffee Cup art project - Bridging The Gap between Water and Oil

 Water, we have a responsibility to our children
Donated to The United Way, Auctioned for $80

Roughneck, Protector of Oil (Alberta Jobs)
Gift to Bernard Hancock the Roughneck

Paintings are not for sale but are given away
 or painted over for future art projects.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Press Pass Picket day 101 - Health and Safety is Everyone's Business!

GROWING DEBT, BUDGET CUTS ARE GOING TO HURT 2019-01-22 I'll be picketing the Alberta Government & News Media for a PRESS PASS today demanding PRESS PRIVILEGES such as PRESS RELEASES to ask our GOVERNMENT the HARD QUESTIONS on behalf of ALBERTANS during PRESS SCRUMS #Ableg Citizen Free News Press Pass Picket Day 101

Legislature Stair Press Scums a Health and Safety Concern 
November 1, 2018 Legislature press core follow UCP Leader Jason up the stairs. 
I'll be contacting the Alberta Sergeant-at-Arms to protest the unsafe behavior exhibited by the press core on November 1, 2018, prior to the afternoon question period when they risked the health and safety of the MLA Jason Kenney and themselves by having an unscheduled press scrum along the stairways leading up into the assembly. (Video Clip) News media personal, one carrying a heavy camera are seen running up the stairs and crowding the MLA in an unsafe manner. The health and safety of all Albertans including MLAs must be a priority inside the Alberta Legislature and the press core must conduct safe press scrums civilly and respectfully towards all MLAs representing Albertans. 

I’ve never seen anything like this.
Running on stairs is unsafe! This unscheduled staircase press scrum showed no respect for the MLA Jason Kenney and completely disregarded his and others health and safety. Children inside the Legislature are expected to behave better than this...

Manager of research, NDP Caucus  Kyall Glennie @kyallNDP Nov 1: I’ve never seen anything like this. Kenney walked in without answering questions from the Alberta media. #ableg #abpoli (Posted original video)

 NDP Minister Shannon Phillips @SPhillipsAB Don’t go so hard on him you guys, maybe he was just trying to eat his cookie? 

Press Gallery Podcast Host: Emma Graney @EmmaLGraney To Kyall Glennie:I will add here that Jason Kenney hasn't been made available to media in Edmonton all week. Here are my colleagues trying to ask him Qs today before #ableg QP.