Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Weed is legal now suck it up

The 2018 Status versus Motion art project

These are news clips re-published between 2008 to 2018 following the mass 420 civil disobedience actions on the Alberta Legislature grounds and inside Sir Winston Churchill Square by pot activist's in Edmonton. Some activists have said they are not happy with Justin Trudeau's election promise to legalize pot because they never wanted businesses and governments to profit from a culture that was created by the drug dealers in the first place. Other 420 pot activists are pleased giving Rachel Notley's NDP a thumbs up for a job well done in consulting Albertans, preparing the Province to legalize pot. Some pot activists wanted smoking pot simply decriminalized and all those with criminal records be exonerated. One pot activist said during this year's 420 that the Province is not ready to legalize pot and say's it's going to be a shit storm all across Canada. 
Last Minute Banner[ing] City Hall

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