Wednesday, October 31, 2018

October 911 calls - Press Pass Pickets - More Photo Opts

The 2018 Status versus Motion art project
October 23, 2018: Back from picketing for a citizen free news press pass into the Alberta Legislature day 66. On the way to the Alberta Legislature a Black man and a Red man took to fighting next to the Tim Hortons on Jasper Avenue. I called 911 when it looked like punches were connecting but Police were unable to respond. Another urban aboriginal man wearing neon sky blue contact lenses and a tear tattooed next to his eye stood by me watching me video tape the fight from a safe distance.  The teardrop is one of the most widely recognized prison tattoos and has various meanings: it can signify that the wearer has spent time in prison; that the wearer was raped while incarcerated. The girl in the opening segment to the video (below) warned her friend who was fighting that I was videotaping. After the fight that aboriginal man rode his bike by me taking a close glance at me while I was still talking to 911.

On the way home after my Legislature press pass picket I noticed a young woman in her twenties acting somewhat erratic, punching at the air, taking to herself and walking into people. A voice with-in me said I couldn't just ignore her so I went to her and asked "are you okay?" her eyes opened wide and she turned and walked away. Do I just forget her now, go home and don't get involved? She's someones daughter, perhaps a mother... so I decided to follow her keeping at a safe distance. She walked right out into traffic several times and lucky for her the divers were alert stopping for her to cross. I followed her for 10 blocks, calling 911 and giving police location updates. Police caught up with her at the top of the hill on Bellamy road and she bolted. A female officer soon had her handcuffed and convinced her with gentle persuasion to sit in the back seat of cruiser. I gave the officer a thumbs up and said good job, thinking to myself she's safe now. Typical day our downtown neighborhood Edmonton. My wife and I see this almost everyday. She said you just can't do that every time someone walks by looking lost and helpless and I agreed. But sometimes that voice inside just won't let you ignore it... 

HateFree Yeg Day Rally September 30, 2018 In attendance to today's rally included Global TV Edmonton, CTV Edmonton, Edmonton Journal, several Alberta Party nomination hopefuls, political incumbents (NDP) David Sheppard and Ward 6 City Councilor Scott McKeen.  The event was a politically staged photo opt inside Sir Winston Churchill Square using the city's September 30 proclamation of Hate Free Yeg Day as a backdrop. In comparison the 2017 Womans march drew over a thousand after the swearing in of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States. It's seems easier for Albertans to gather in the hundreds criticizing the racism and hate of other nations rather than attending local rallies to deal with racism and hate that exist's in our own backyard Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  Altogether I counted 50 participants in attendance including myself.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Weed is legal now suck it up

The 2018 Status versus Motion art project

These are news clips re-published between 2008 to 2018 following the mass 420 civil disobedience actions on the Alberta Legislature grounds and inside Sir Winston Churchill Square by pot activist's in Edmonton. Some activists have said they are not happy with Justin Trudeau's election promise to legalize pot because they never wanted businesses and governments to profit from a culture that was created by the drug dealers in the first place. Other 420 pot activists are pleased giving Rachel Notley's NDP a thumbs up for a job well done in consulting Albertans, preparing the Province to legalize pot. Some pot activists wanted smoking pot simply decriminalized and all those with criminal records be exonerated. One pot activist said during this year's 420 that the Province is not ready to legalize pot and say's it's going to be a shit storm all across Canada. 
Last Minute Banner[ing] City Hall