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August - Artistic freedom is complementary to press freedom

Active Citizenship- Social Artistry

The Status versus Motion art project began April, 2018 as an extension of Free Citizen News, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on the traditional lands of Treaty 6 territory. It's purpose is to improve the outreach and trustworthiness of citizen free news reporting on protests, rallies and vigils by Albertans relating to environmental, human rights and political issues and follows the business inside the Alberta Legislature and how the news media reports on that business. Citizen Free News Since 2007

#649 th. Art Show, Demonstration, Picket
Alberta Legislature August 17, 2018
August 17, 2018: I knew I was going to give a painting away today before I made it to the Alberta Legislature grounds for my #649 th. noon art show. This is Rob with his wife Pam and thier son Tristan from Fort McMurray with a painting titled The Flowering Bush, painted on the legislature grounds in the spring of 2017 during my Canada 150 art is freedom series. YouTube The Flowering bush: Syrian man says 'Thank You Canada' 🍁 150 #AbLeg  Guests were invited to take my paint and brush and flowers to my canvas. 

The Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians) walk by my outdoor art show on the Legislature grounds. Artist bLog The 2016 Fire and Rain art project on Alberta wildfires

Alberta Air Quality 
Worse than Beijing and New Delhi
Globe and Mail, 2015 
River Valley Smoke'n

Special Air Quality Statement in effect for Alberta last week, yesterday, today and... every year around this time during Alberta's small window of summer! August 26, 2015: Alberta air quality worse than Beijing and New Delhi " Globe and Mail.  Not such a good morning after all Mike!

August 10, 2018: "Smokey Silence", Elizabeth Fry silent Prisoner Justice Day protest, Art show and demonstration Alberta Legislature grounds. YouTube The 2016 Fire and Rain art project, focused on the wildfires and rain in Alberta.

August 9, 2018: Victims of sexual violence gathered on the steps of the Alberta Legislature to share thier stories. The organizer of the event called on the Federal Government for tougher sentences for sex crimes against children.  

August 6, 2018 Posters promoting the 2018 Status versus motion art project have being going up on city provided kiosks since April this year. Recently this month I noticed someone has been colouring in my posters. I appreciate and welcome this act of free expression and thank the person or persons who keeps my posters clear and unobstructed.  

August 4, 2018 Chevi Rabbit's 7th Annual 
Saturday's 7th annual Hate to Hope rally and walk, a yearly media event organized by local Edmonton activist Chevi Rabbit who is the first transgender person on Avenue Edmonton magazine's annual Top 40 Under 40 list. This 2018 rally fell somewhat flat compared to past successful #H82Hope events lacking attendance with only a couple dozen people without the presence of Chevi Rabbit who did not show up to his own event, later apologizing by text. Rabbit was seen on Global news earlier in the day doing an interview about today's event. There were a couple props on hand promoting the Edmonton food bank and a tent with a few volunteers available to talk with guests about this year's theme on mental health. The Food Bank left early with no food and the mental health tent acted as a backdrop for photo opts. There was no walk after the rally but instead there were opening and closing musical performance to today's rally that complimented the 6 speakers who spoke from the steps of the Alberta Legislature.  The speakers spoke about political and mentoring issues while 2 speakers spoke specifically about the mental illnesses of PTSD depression and bipolar. At the end of today's rally I noticed 3 people dancing next to the steps to the musical and dance performance of Jaguarr Bajwa and his friend, later growing to about 10 dancing the Punjab way, having fun while most had already gone home. Others were away from the steps doing photo opts and interviews with a couple news media cameramen from Global TV and City.  NDP MLA Chris Nielson accompanied with MLA Mrs. Jessica Littlewood were the opening guest speakers to today's event. Chris spoke on politics of hate from the point of view of the Government while Jessica stood next to Chris remaining silent. Later Jessica encouraged other speakers to gather around the podium saying it's better we do this together because I know what it's like speaking alone.  Citizen free news

August 4, 2018 Speakers Corner: Asking Albertans at random was it right for Vancouver talk show host Charles Adler to tweet Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, scolding Ricardo Miranda's choice of words used in a tweet and suggesting to the Premier Ricardo be removed from caucus?

Why I Picket (Artistic Freedom) Part 1

August 8, 2016, On one of Edmonton's busiest downtown street corners I protested the Alberta Government defending my right to freely express myself with art on the Alberta Legislature grounds after being verbally banned by Government officials 3 times that year including the sergeant-at-arms. 

Alberta Legislature, Civil Information Actions
Defending Freedom of Expression
The 2016 Fire and Rain art project that focused my canvases and camera on wildfires of Alberta was banned 3 times on the Alberta Legislature grounds by officials, including the Legislative Assembly's Sergeant-of-Arms who said showing art on the grounds was inappropriate. I was later threatened with police action by a City of Edmonton employee at the end of 2016 on New Year's Eve for showing a painting from the Fire and Rain collection 'Escape from Fort McMurray.' (See Water and Oil is Life- Non Violence) I defended my right to freedom of expression with Civil Information Actions by employing respect for people, property and the rule of law while picketing and being the media informing the public about the draconian behavior towards Canadian citizens of both Government of Alberta and the City of Edmonton. After 42 days in total during 2016 and 2017 (6 picketing the Alberta Government, 42 City of Edmonton) I won back my right and freedom to express myself with art in both public public places. The City has apologized March 2017 while the 3 Alberta Legislature officials who verbally banned me in 2016 remain unapologetic for thier verbal bans.

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms "They don't apply here" (Alberta Legislature) "I do." Sergeant-of-Arms Brian Hodgson June 2016, Verbal Art Ban YouTube

The Honourable (AP) MLA Rick Fraser for Calgary South-East receives 🌻Non-Violence, from my 2017 Canada 150 art collection,  my gift to Rick and his family for his public service to Albertans.
The Honourable Ms. Anam Kazim (NDP) MLA for Calgary-Glenmore receives a untitled painting May 3, 2016 during a noon hour art show on the Alberta Legislature grounds. I gave her a practice painting from my 2016 Fire and Rain art collection depicting the wildfires of Alberta. See Fire and Rain artist bLog. That same day evacuations commenced in Fort McMurray due to out of control wildfires surround the city. The Honourable Honourable Oneil Carlier (NDP) MLA for Whitecourt-Ste. Anne, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry later received a painting from the same art collection titled I have a white rose to give, my gift to Oneil after he encouraged me with a strong handshake to continue my picket on my first day of picketing the Alberta Government defending freedom of expression saying "That's what we (NDP) would do" 
See Fire and Rain art project on Alberta wildfires. 

EDMONTON November 2016: When I learned that local political activists were planning a 3 day and night prayer camp/protest in solidarity with the anti pipeline protest at Standing Rock, North Dakota U.S.A, I got out my pencils, sketch pad, canvases, cameras and set up an easel close by the protest from outside the perimeter of the camp to observe and report a news story on canvas and later on YouTube. Activists from the camp told me I was not permitted inside the camp to take pictures during ceremonies but only CBC Edmonton and the protesters were only allowed by the organizers to take photos. I learned later the City of Edmonton did not approve this camp with a permit or a permit for the open fire that was maintained 3 days and nights by the protesters. Limbs from park trees were hacked off and used to fuel the fire on the first day but later trucks were used to haul in cords of wood after police questioned protesters after receiving complaints that someone was spotted from the camp cutting city park trees. I remained outside the camp during the 3 days inside Sir Winston Churchill Square sketching, taking pictures and painting. Sometimes activists would come and watch me paint, take pictures of me at work and at one time the leader of the Communist Party of Alberta brought me over some cookies that she had baked for other activist friends inside the camp. On the final day the camp was taken down I had completed my painting, packed up my stuff and went home. Along the way I crossed paths with Jason Kenney, a former politician of the Harper Government. He and his friends had just come from attending a candlelight vigil for the Holodomor (Ukrainian: Голодомо́р) next to City Hall and Sir Winston Churchill square. Jason said the vigil was disrupted by a couple political activists shouting obscenities at the attendees while carrying placards into the crowd. The Holodomor vigil Jason and his friends had attended was adjacent to the prayer/protest camp in solidarity with #StandingRock so we wondered then if perhaps the same activists from inside the prayer camp were the same activists who upstaged the Ukrainian candlelight vigil. Prayer camp activist and communist party leader later confirmed to me that it was she and another communist friend who disrupted the Holodomor vigil and were glad they did so claiming the Holodomor was a lie. Jason Kenney and his friends were the first to hear the news story behind my freshly painted Water and Oil is Life- Non Violence. Jason really appreciated the story so I handed him the painting straight off the easel saying "what better man to have this painting, but a man who understands and appreciates its story" all the while thinking to myself "this guy could very well become our next Premier of Alberta."

Jason Kenney went on to become the leader of the Conservative party of Alberta and then joined forces with the Honorable Brian Jean, leader of her Majesty's official opposition party the Wildrose create the newly formed United Conservative Party of Alberta. Jason won the leadership of the United Conservative Party of Alberta and was sworn in as MLA January 30, 2018. 

2018 Womans March: Later the Alberta Communist Leader Naomi Rankin admitted on YouTube disrupting the Holodomor that the Hon. Jason Kenney had attended (Ukrainian: Голодомо́р) next to City Hall November 2016, claiming conspiracies and Nazi propaganda. During the 2017 Holodomor memorial inside Edmonton City Hall Mayor Don Iveson refereed to the 2016 act by communist activists a display of hate. YouTube

Interview with Alberta Communist Leader Naomi Rankin during 2018 Womans March

Paintings are not for sale but are given away or painted over for future art projects. All photos, art, editorial cartoons are free to share but please give me credit where credit is due. Doug Brinkman

Why I Picket (Press Freedom) Part 2

August 12, 2018: 40th day picket for a press pass into the Alberta Legislature. YouTube: Cariwest Festival, Press Pass Picketing in the Rain. Regardless the almost non attendance,  steady rain over the festival, I found this 40th picket since I began early this year the most productive picket calling for press pass privileges into the Alberta Legislature.  Citizen free news press pass denied, only Corporate News Media can apply. Continued ...


August 3, 2018: Today I completed my totem painting titling it Shame The man "The Man" is a slang phrase that refers to the government or to some other authority in a position of power. The bear head on the top of a totem has several meanings including strength and confidence, standing against adversity; taking action and leadership. The spirit of the bear is a strong source of support in times of difficulty. It provides courage and a stable foundation to face challenges. Totem poles can be used for public ridicule and are usually called shame poles. Created to embarrass individuals or groups when they did something wrong.

2016 'Out of sight' Totem
The first totem I painted on the #AbLeg grounds was in the summer of 2016.  Titled 'Out of sight' since most folks don't realize this totem exists on the Alberta Legislature grounds. I donated this painting to the Alberta Treasury and Finance department just as I had done so in prior years to help raise funds for the United Way. The painting never made it to the auction and no one from the Alberta Government seems to know what happened to it... very unfortunate indeed!

"Artistic freedom is 
complementary to press freedom" 
Deeyah Khan, Goodwill Ambassador

My definition of art has always been the same. It is about freedom of expression, a new way of communication. It is never about exhibiting in museums or about hanging it on the wall. Art should live in the heart of the people. Ordinary people should have the same ability to understand art as anybody else. I don’t think art is elite or mysterious. I don’t think anybody can separate art from politics. The intention to separate art from politics is itself a very political intention. Ai Weiwei

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