Saturday, July 7, 2018

July 📢On Guard for thee, maple leaves 4 seasons🍁

The 2018 Status versus Motion art project
Monday July 30, 2018. 'On guard for thee' from my 2016 Fire and Rain art project on Alberta wildfires and rains has been retired and has found a new home inside the Alberta Legislature.
I am a man on guard for thee Continued...

If life hands you lemons, make some lemonade!
Most politicians will be busy flipping pancakes, marching in parades, nomination meetings, campaigning and preparing themselves for next year's highly anticipated Provincial election. So I'd though I share a bit about my own story as a citizen news activist of 11 years and how I got to the point of picketing/ protesting the Alberta Government on issues related to free speech, freedom of expression and freedom of the press and media beginning February 2016.  
Enjoy Your Freedoms!

Premier Rachel Notley and friends serve up pancake breakfasts during the WORKS
 Jason Kenney joins supporters for an early morning rainy K-Days breakfast

July 23, 2018: Globe and Mail 'Jason Kenney warns Alberta Conservatives that promoting hate will not be tolerated.' Graphic created early spring 2018

📢K-Days Parade 2018 Edmonton  YouTube: Featuring MLAs of the NDP Government led by the Honourable Deputy leader Sarah Hoffman, United Conservative official opposition MLAs lead by the Honourable leader Jason Kenney and the Honourable MLA Greg Clark with the former mayor of Edmonton, Stephen Mandel now leader of Alberta Party Tags include #CTV #EPS #EMS.
"It's all good" citizen free news!

July 19, 2018 Re-Release Pipelines Speakers Corner For, Against and Why? YouTube -  Citizen Free News: Pipelines Alberta United, A Nation Divided.

SPEAKERS CORNER Was it ethical for a Vancouver news radio talk show host Charles Adler to tweet Alberta Premier Rachel Notley and suggest Minister Ricardo Miranda be removed from NDP caucus ? I'll post my results on YouTube early August. 
July 17, 2018: Minister Ricardo Miranda removed his tweet and followed up with an apology after talk radio Charles Aldler tweeted: Who the hell are you and what on earth are you doing as a people's representative? I have nothing to do with the leadership of your caucus. But if I had any clout, you'd be sitting as an independent right now. You're a disgusting embarrassment to democracy. Adler also sent this message to @RachelNotley. Before Ricardo's tweet caught the attention of the news media, women on Ricardo's twitter feed had already complained to the Minister his poor choice of words.

July 11, 2018, NDP MLA Doctor Bob Turner spoke to a crowd of 150 from the steps of the Alberta Legislature after a march by residential school survivors and their families through downtown Edmonton to acknowledge the 50th anniversary of the Edmonton Indian Residential School shutting down.

Includes the Honorable Premier Rachel Notley's Canada day speech.