Wednesday, June 13, 2018

June, 2018: Fair, Efficient, Open and Competitive

The 2018 Status versus Motion art project

Hard Copy distribution continues summer and fall

June 30, 2018, 13 Minute YouTube
Paula Kirman's 'March on Edmonton' Protesters of about 100 in attendance included political activists associated with Marxists, Socialists and Communists. The Edmonton Coalition Against War and Racism and Magranti, an organization that defends mostly Philippine migrant workers in Edmonton. Paula Kirman and Rod Loyola (NDP) MLA for Edmonton-Ellerslie took advantage of the rally to blame the leader of the United Conservative Party Jason Kenney and the former Harper Government for enacting laws separating migrant workers from thier families. Rod refereed to the Federal Conservatives as racists while one protester yelled 'deport Jason Kenney!" The corporate news media CTV and other news media ignored this and gave a watered down story over concerns of children being separated from parents who enter Canada and the US. illegally. 

Name calling opposition members seems part of the order of the day inside the Alberta Legislature by the NDP Government. One example during the 2018 spring session was when one NDP member yelled Jason Kenney as being an immigrant from Saskatchewan and was later called out as a point of order by deputy opposition leader Jason Nixon on Kenney's behalf. But because of the constant noise, laughter, yelling and desk pounding by NDP members during question period, Speaker Robert Wanner NDP MLA for Medicine Hat would often overrule points of order claiming he did not hear such words said in the assembly by his NDP colleagues.      

June 28, 2018: WCB Alberta - Justice Still Denied to Injured Workers 3 minute Citizen Free News YouTube

June 23, 2018: Citizen free news 420 interview with Ken Kirk - Asked if the Province was ready to legalize pot? Ken replied ' was I ready when the cops kicked down my door? 420 Activist Ken Kirk aka Doc Reefer was consulted by the NDP and is proud of the great job Minister Kathleen Ganley and Premier Rachel Notley have done in preparing the Province for the legalization of marijuana.

Windy under a tree - Alberta Legislature grounds YouTube
The windstorm ripping through Edmonton on Monday forced an evacuation, affected transit, downed trees and caused power issues. Blows me away Global Edmonton 

June 9, 2018: Citizen Free News/ The Status versus Motion art project. This weekend officials with the pride parade of Edmonton banned police, RCMP and Military from marching in future pride parades. Parade is a collection of archival Citizen Free News clips from Saturday's Pride Parade and from past parades where (EPS) police, R.C.M.P and military participated.
"Parade" YouTube 

June 7, 2018: #PrideMonth2018 Members of Liberal Party,  Alberta Party and United Conservative party joined the NDP Government raising of the Pride Flag. 

June 7, 2018: I was honoured to be introduced and receive the warm welcome by members of the Alberta Legislature by former leader of the Alberta Party Greg Clark MLA for Calgary-Elbow on the last day sitting of the 29th Legislature, 4th Session (2018)

June 2, 2018: Alberta Sheriffs and a hand full of protesters expected an anti Justin Trudeau Government rally protest at noon today on the steps of the Alberta Legislature. Sheriffs were contacted and advised of the rally as social media announcements were posted advertising events like this but no one responsible for calling the protest showed up or bothered to cancel the protest with officials. A Sheriff later confirmed that they are seeing no-show protests like this more often.