Sunday, April 1, 2018

Pipelines: Alberta United, A Nation Divided

The 2018 Status versus Motion art project

April 14, 2018, YouTube: Oil, pipelines trickle effect for jobs, prosperity in Canada. Filmed during Ezra Levant's rally at the Alberta Legislature.  Citizen Free News


April 12, 2018 Alberta Legislature rally for Kinder Morgan pipelines Features speeches and interviews by NDP Deron Bilous, Alberta Party Stephen Mandel, Independent Derek Fildebrandt, UCP Leela Sharon Aheer and UCP official part leader Jason Kenney. Citizen Free News

April 14, 2018 The Masked Man Who Disrupted The Kinder Morgan Rally. Includes Citizen Free News Archives of another pro-pipeline rally 2016 at the Alberta Legislature. Citizen Free News

March 10, 2018: First Speakers Corner that asks the question: 'Pipelines: For, Against and Why?' began during an anti-pipeline rally in front of the Alberta Legislature steps. Picture of me with the organizer Mads Zazulak before today's anti-pipeline protest 'Protect the Inlet in Edmonton' in front of the Alberta Legislature. Most of the 20 people in attendance were against the pipelines while 3 including myself were for increased capacity flow along side the current trans-mountain pipelines. We had a peaceful round circle of sharing ideas, frustration, anger and solutions. Some were later shared on a YouTube called 'Speakers Corner' Afterwards we had smudge ceremony, drumming, we shook hands and hugged. It was a great rally organized Ms Zazulak. Citizen Free News

If the trans-mountain pipeline were to fail, the Honourable Minister NDP Brian Mason might want to reconsider the merits of the team effort required to winning football games over billiards as he suggested while debating bill 12 inside our Alberta Legislature.

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