Thursday, May 31, 2018

May, 2018: 96 Billion Debt, Bubble Zones & Drunken Salesmen

The 2018 Status versus Motion art project

Quick Draw May 30, 2018 a giddy NDP Finance Minister Joe Ceci had just cracked a joke in the Alberta Legislature saying the United Conservative Party travels across Canada "like drunken salesmen" UCP Nathan Cooper MLA for Old-Didsbury -ThreeHills followed with questions relating to an earlier press scrum where Joe Ceci attended earlier in the day. Nathan claimed the Honorable Finance Minister was not honest with the news media (party). NDP deputy leader Brian Mason accused UCP leader Jason Kenney of slander during that debate but the Speaker later overturned Mason's point of order. Citizen free news

Quick draw May 24, 2018 #AbLeg #abpoli Notes from the public gallery. #AbLeg #abpoli Rachel Notley suggested her Gov. would be willing to buy #TransMountain back in Mid-May. Alberta Party Greg Clark questioned for more information from the 'off the record, back room operations' of the #NDP working out a plan to buy the pipeline. NDP responded they were being strategic  (quiet) about the matter. 
One of the most chronic debates inside our Alberta Legislature during question period I've noticed is how our public health care system quickly deteriorating.  

Citizen Free News YouTube
Julie Payette Governor General arrives at the Alberta Legislature

Citizen Free News YouTube

Citizen Free News YouTube

Rally For Women's Health - Endo March Alberta Legislature 2018 "Oh wow! This is great! I can wait for the world headquarters to see! I greatly appreciate your help bringing attention to this cause that means so much to so many." Alberta's Endo Revolution challenges Alberta Government and all opposition leaders to step it up for women's health for the next Provincial election.

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 Alberta Legislature Front Steps Pro Life Rally
May 10, 2018 Choose Life

May 8, 2018 The Government closed down the assembly online cameras for the night so I headed to down for a Late Night Shift in the #Ableg public gallery. This is a sketch study of a plant next to the Sergeant at Arms Mace. Tonight MLA Derek Fildebrandt was the only one who voted against the 150 meter increase from 50 amendment to Health Minister Sarah Hoffman's bill 9 'bubble zone' while all United Conservative Caucus vacated the assembly during the vote. The bubble zone was created in hopes woman are not harassed by extremists outside abortion clinics. Fildebrandt argued there was no need for bill 9 legislation bubble zones because there are laws in place to deal with lawless aggressive people.

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June 15, 2015 Throne Speech

May 6, 2018 YouTube 
Water is life in petroleum made plastic bottles

Another protest by Albertans against the oil industry in Alberta was staged on the Alberta Legislature steps. For several hours this afternoon pro clean water activists sang songs, drummed, danced and chanted "water is life!'  Food and water in plastic bottles were brought in by activists during this hot afternoon regardless Legislature drinking fountains were operational and available on the grounds. Many of the activists came across the Province just as ene elder from Banff who drove all the way to Edmonton to speak for a full 5 minutes. Ironically petroleum made products including the fuel used to drive activists to Edmonton were used to stage this clean water protest against both the federal, provincial Governments and the oil industries in Canada. 

PLASTICS: Marine life is facing "irreparable damage" from the millions of tonnes of plastic waste which ends up in the oceans each year, the United Nations has warned. Nearly all the plastic ever created still exists in some form today. Drinks bottles are one the most common types of plastic waste. Some 480bn plastic bottles were sold globally in 2016 - that's a million bottles per minute. BBC Science Source Magazine

May 5, 2018 Save our Doctor Visconti YouTube:  About 50 patients rallied on the steps of the Alberta Legislature Saturday calling on Health Minister Sarah Hoffman to allow Sherwood Park Doctor Vincenzo Visconti practice medicine again. Alberta Health Link 811 not working out finding other doctors for patients who are frustrated with Alberta’s College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Where have all the Alberta Caribou gone?

The 2018 Status versus Motion art project
Disappearing Alberta Caribou and the Economic Impact Assessment

Picket Protest outside the Westin Hotel during the #NDPcovention2018 singing 'Where have all the Caribou gone" 

Last of the Alberta Caribou - On Tour May 20, 2018: A group of hikers and I shared our thoughts on the endangered caribou in Alberta. Photo taken by Excelsior creek, site of the 2014 wildfire that devastated 5000 hectares inside Jasper National park that's home to several small Caribou herds. The two men in the center of the photo responded by saying the Caribou is Canada's animal and we must protect them. First Nations in the Province relies on it's continued existence. I filmed thier reactions for private use and respectfully did not publish a YouTube. See The 2016 Fire and Rain art project on the blog side bar that focused my camera and canvases on the wildfires in Alberta that year. 

Global Edmonton March 26, 2018: A caribou researcher says Alberta’s decision to suspend portions of its draft plan to help the threatened animals recover is the first major test of the federal Species at Risk Act. Canadian Press

Caribou and Jobs

Protect Caribou and Jobs - Alberta Legislature Rally

Monday, May 14, 2018

The Troubled Media "Lock Her Up!"

Rebel Media Stage's 2nd. Alberta Leg. Rally

April 14, 2018: Rebel Media Ezra Levant hosted his second rally in 2 years protesting the Trudeau and Notley Government on the steps of the Alberta Legislature with pro-pipelines, anti-carbon tax and climate change denial as thier main speaking points.  No Alberta MLAs or federal politicians were featured at this rally like Ezra's first protest rally at the Leg. where politicians from both provincial and federal opposition parties spoke. This time Ezra invited ordinary working Canadians to come to his podium that included a farmer, entrepreneur, labourer from B.C. and former veteran who now works in the oil industry. Climate denial was a theme that was repeated several times by guest speakers, Ezra Levant and Alberta Rebel corespondent Sheila Gunn Reid. At one point of today's rally Sheila had the crowd chanting "Lock Her Up" referring to the premier of Alberta the Honorable Rachel Notley. Ezra had two body guards dressed in black suits, ties and dark sunglasses flank him at all times while Sheila freely worked the crowds with her camera interviewing  guest speakers and protesters randomly. NDP Rod Loyola's name came up during Sheila's address to the crowd as did Rachel Notley's former adviser Tzepoah Berman whose name has come up many times from the official UCP opposition during question periods. Ezra Levant during his Edmonton 2015 emergency town hall meeting said the NDP Notley Government caucus was made up of Rod Loyola's. Citizen Free News YouTube: Ezra Levant's 2015 Emergency Town hall Meeting - Edmonton 

Since the spring of the 2018 Alberta Legislature assembly members of the NDP Notley Government has accused members of the official opposition of being conspiracy theorists and climate deniers as I noted from the public gallery inside the Alberta Legislature. UCP Leader Jason Kenney was quoted responding to Rachel Notley during one of those question period sessions with "We are not climate deniers, we are carbon tax deniers."