Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Where have all the Alberta Caribou gone?

The 2018 Status versus Motion art project
Disappearing Alberta Caribou and the Economic Impact Assessment 

Last of the Alberta Caribou - On Tour May 20, 2018: A group of hikers and I shared our thoughts on the endangered caribou in Alberta. Photo taken by Excelsior creek, site of the 2014 wildfire that devastated 5000 hectares inside Jasper National park that's home to several small Caribou herds. The two men in the center of the photo responded by saying the Caribou is Canada's animal and we must protect them. First Nations in the Province relies on it's continued existence. I filmed thier reactions for private use and respectfully did not publish a YouTube. See The 2016 Fire and Rain art project on the blog side bar that focused my camera and canvases on the wildfires in Alberta that year. 

Global Edmonton March 26, 2018: A caribou researcher says Alberta’s decision to suspend portions of its draft plan to help the threatened animals recover is the first major test of the federal Species at Risk Act. Canadian Press

Caribou and Jobs

Protect Caribou and Jobs - Alberta Legislature Rally

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