Sunday, February 4, 2018

Equality Picket after an NDP MP Claimed I was a Threat to Muslim Women

Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights 
Get up, stand up, don't give up the fight 

So I did for 3 days picketing the 2016 NDP convention outside the Shaw conference center calling on the political party to improve it's policies on equality to include all Canadians. I got a lot of positive feedback and support on my picket line during the 3 days from delegates that included Blacks and Muslims. There were exceptions when a couple white females called me racist, one grabbed my leaflets and ripped them up throwing them into the street. Organizers with the NDP got security to move my picket a block away from the Shaw front doors and threatened police action if I did not comply to the bubble zone they prescribed for me. I obeyed the security guard who was black himself and relocated my picket. In response the security guard took some of my leaflets into the conference room to share with some of the NDP delegates. One Black Muslim Woman delegate from Montreal tried to persuade me to give up my picket and join her inside the NDP Conference. She said my cause was worthy and needed to be shared with other delegates. Come inside and help make the change. I had already quit the NDP party after years of being a member and have now found a new party to support joining the United Conservative Party of Alberta. The UCP promotes equality for all Albertans. 

May 20, 2015 Coffee with Linda Duncan: Rossdale Community Hall, Edmonton. The day after I was accused by Linda Duncan of being a threat to the Muslim Women in her meeting and told to leave her event that I was originally invited to attend, I received the following e-mail the next day from a woman named Sadaf...

To Doug Brinkman 
Re-Coffee with Linda Duncan, 

 I too was at the meeting tonight and as a Muslim woman was appalled that you were asked to leave. This was obviously not a woman’s only event and no woman there (Muslim or not) should have felt threatened by your (or any male) presence. Those of us who choose to cover in front of men were covered and those who choose not to sit by or speak to men had plenty of opportunity to exercise their right by sitting elsewhere. As a mother of three sons I teach my boys to stand up for all women and their rights, how would they do this if we alienated them from the issues that affect women? I don’t know the reasons the one person had to ask you to be removed and I cannot judge, but I am very sorry you had to go through this! I hope this event does not stop you from attending future events or impression you to think Muslim women are closed minded or unapproachable to discuss important matters such as our freedoms. Sadaf

Both Linda Duncan and myself  have since resolved this matter...