Saturday, February 18, 2017

Jesus and Free Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of the Press

6.9.113 LISTEN - The Status Versus Motion Art Project 

Theo The Street Preacher Defends the Gospel of Jesus

My painting "Not All Treated Equal - Free Speech - Make Noise" (left) I  used to fight Edmonton City Hall when city councilor Michal Oshry tried to outlaw city street preachers from using loud speakers, bull-horns and shouting to project thier voices while competing with a noisy downtown area full of noises created by city buses and construction sites. I later gave the painting to Dale the Christian Street Preacher as a gift. In return Dale gave me some cash to buy more artist supplies for future social art/ news projects.  The cartoon on the right was tweeted to Ryan Jespersen early 2017, radio host of 630 CHED's The Ryan Jespersen show with my message saying attacks on the Dale the Christian Street preacher is increasing, causing people to attack Dale more often. Besides being spat at and yelled at with profanities, Dale was punched in the face and got a black eye while another man came at him with a knife. I blamed all the corporate news media for using Dale to help pass City Councilor Michael Oshry's draconian noise bylaw to outlaw free speech by those who employ loud speakers, bull horns and shouting. Jespo was not pleased with my tweet but allowed Dale the street preacher to come on his show and share why he as a retired City of Edmonton Firefighter Captain now spends his retirement days preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ on the city streets of Edmonton. 

Can I get an amen? Councillors look to turn down volume on Edmonton street preachers. GORDON KENT EDMONTON JOURNAL HEADLINE February 1, 2016

Street preachers worry noise complaints aimed at their message, not volume. City staff investigate ways to quiet the preachers CBC NEWS HEADLINE February 01, 2016

Edmonton city council orders crackdown on noise bylaw complaints, Edmonton will crackdown on noisy hot spots this summer after frustrated residents hijacked a debate Monday about downtown street preachers using microphones. Elise Stolte

City of Edmonton Backs Down - Current Noise Bylaw Okay
6.9.113 LISTENšŸ“ŒThis homeless man for the next 12 months got several other homeless men to join him wearing masks &PICKET "Free Speech Has No Volume" They joined me & Christian street preachers to fight #Yeg City councilor Michael Oshry's draconian noise bylaw and won that fight!

Together We Stand Divided We Fall