Sunday, November 1, 2015

Pop Dazzled by Everyday - Not All Treated Equal

My Interview with CBC Edmonton radio November 2015: My Pop Dazzled by Everyday - Not All Treated Equal art project was used to defend free speech and freedom of religion after an elected councilor with the City of Edmonton Michael Oshry tried enact a new bylaw that would have effectively banned street preachers from preaching in the streets using loud speakers, bull-horns and shouting. The City of Calgary did enact the bylaw than many regard as an infringement on Canadian rights and freedoms. Edmonton Center councilor Scott McKeen congratulated me saying "good job artist" after the Oshry's proposed noise bylaw was defeated during a city council meeting. Oshry did not seek reelection after 1 term in office.

Enjoy your freedom, thank a veteran!

Leaflets were shared and posters were distributed around the city. 
A group of anonymous activists joined the fight to defend free speech 
The painting "Not all treated equal" was given to Dale the street preacher.
The corporate news media endangered street preacher's safety