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NO NEWS SPIN ZONE/RAW CTV, Global Alberta Schools Time Out Rooms

NO NEWS SPIN ZONE/RAW Citizen Free News 
Alberta Schools, Time Out Rooms - Meet The Press
Alberta Schools, time out rooms features activist/Mom Jenn Thompson, Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan, United Conservative Mr. Mark Smith, Citizen Free News, CTV and Global News. 

 Normally when I post a Citizen Free News Story
It takes me an average of 8 hours for me to cover a news story, go home, edit, publish and promote it on social media. In the following weeks I promote the news stories by word-of-mouth during news pickets and deliver the story via hard-copy with newsletters and posters shared with the public and placed up on kiosks around town. This video "Alberta Schools, Time Out Rooms - Meet The Press" is the raw footage I filmed recording all the dialog that takes place between protesters, politicians, the corporate news media and myself leaving everything as is.

"Don't Hate The Media, Be The Media!"
2007 Citizen Free News 2019 is free news sharing and not for profit. It's active citizenship stepping up to the plate and getting involved with the issues that are important to Albertans and Canadians. It was Jello Biafra, activist and front man to the punk band Dead Kennedys who coined the phrase "Don't Hate The Media, Be The Media!" while it was former U.S. President John F. Kennedy who said during his address to the American Newspaper Publishers on the 27 April 1961 at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York. "Without debate, without criticism, no Administration and no country can succeed and no republic can survive. That is why the Athenian lawmaker Solon decreed it a crime for any citizen to shrink from controversy."

NO NEWS SPIN ZONE/RAW Bernard Hancock "The Roughneck"

Albertans are Sick of the bull shit - Bernard Hancock the Roughneck

I gave Bernard Handcock also known as "The Roughneck" a minute and a half for a citizen free news interview I did during a George Clark, Bill 6, Farmers and Ranchers rally against the Alberta NDP Government for lack of consultation. It turned out to be much longer than a minute of an interview that was raw, uncensored and an interview that ultimately got me in trouble with the NDP Government being banned from the Alberta Legislature grounds, the same month of January 2016 when Sheila Gunn Reid of the Rebel Media got banned from reporting inside the Alberta Legislature.  For me my troubles got started during that month of  January 2016 when I launched my 2016 Fire and Rain art project that would focus my camera and canvases on the wildfires of Alberta. House Leader Brian Mason's Ministry of Infrastructural facilities manager L.B. verbally banned me from painting and showing my art on the Legislature grounds over as she claimed liability concerns. This promted my very first picket protest against Rachel Notley's Government lasting 3 days before L.B. reversed her verbal ban in writing. Then twice during 2016 June and August I was verbally banned again this time by the Sergeant-at-Arms, Brian Hodgson who said my news stories were inaccurate and hurting the Alberta Government. Both Rebel Media and myself news covered the same farmer and rancher protests against Rachel Notley's government over bill 6. Currently I'm picketing the Alberta Government and the corporate news media (day 115) defending my constitutional right to a free press pass inside the Legislature. 

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¡Viva Venezuela, tienes amigos en Canadá! Venezuelans rally at Legislature

Las personas tienen una voz, serán escuchadas!
From the Citizen free news archives 2014-2017
Alberta Legislature, Canadians Rally for Venezuelans
You are not alone, here we are!!!

The other side of the story...
 Nicolás Maduro supporters rally Alberta Legislature
Las personas tienen una voz, serán escuchadas!

Nicaragua Unrest, Death Toll Rises, Alberta Rally's for Nicaragua Legislature  April 28 2018

Corporatocracy trumps Democracy - Alberta Election 2019, Spoils my ballot

Corporatocracy Cancels Bill of Rights and Freedoms (Spoiling My Vote) Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost. Thomas Jefferson. (Spoiling My Vote) is "Sour Grapes" says Bernard Hancock the Roughneck.

#ArtIsFreedom Picket Day 53 Press Pass Picket Day 114
Public seats were used to accommodate Corporate News Media only

Canadian Rights and Freedoms assaulted in a back ally

 Corporatocracy Cancels Bill of Rights and Freedoms
(Spoiling My Vote) Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost. Thomas Jefferson. I've been denied a press pass by Canadian Press President of the Press Gallery Dean Bennett inside the Alberta Legislature because I'm not an employee paid by a corporation. Only employees who work for the CBC, Edmonton Journal, Canadian Press, Global News... can apply. The same Canadian Press employee who later assaulted me in the face with my own camera in the back ally of the Legislature during one of my press pass pickets. Employees with Global and CBC watched me being assaulted and did nothing to stop it. Police confirmed after viewing my security video that I was assaulted but I did not lay charges. Instead EPS gave Canadian Press a stern warning and I received an apology from it's Western office.  

 Corporatocracy Cancels Bill of Rights and Freedoms

"Sour Grapes" Say Bernand Hancock The Roughneck

6.9.113📌Quit,Listen - (Spoiling my ballot) Sour grapes was the first reaction I got from my pal Bernard Hancock and another said that I'm helping the NDP win again by sharing with others to consider spoiling thier ballot this spring election.  I will continue my civil information actions at the Alberta Legislature and surrounding areas around Edmonton that includes news pickets. Continue my Press Pass Picket & #ArtIsFreedom Picket against the Corporate Alberta Government and news media. This spring I''ll begin my 6th. consecutive art project "More Circles than Squares" focusing my canvases and camera on Alberta' environment such as wildfires and sever weather. My 2016 art project Fire and Rail focused on wildfires in Alberta was banned 3 times and threatened police action by the corporate Government of Alberta and the City of Edmonton. I will continue to get in the grill of the corporate Alberta Legislature and sit in the Legislature's public (not press) gallery listening to members, taking notes and putting out more political cartoons on social media and posters on city kiosks.

Active Citizenship - Free News Sharing
Without debate, without criticism, no Administration and no country can succeed and no republic can survive. That is why the Athenian lawmaker Solon decreed it a crime for any citizen to shrink from controversy. - John F. Kennedy, Address to the American Newspaper Publishers, delivered 27 April 1961, Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York.

Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:
  • (a) freedom of conscience and religion;
  • (b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;
  • (c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and.
  • (d) freedom of association.

Out of Sight - #ShameTheMan with Love, Alberta Legislature Grounds Totem

Day 54 Art is Freedom Picket, Painting about the News Stories that Matter

My Troubles at the Alberta Legislature Began with Bill 6 
2015-11-30 Bill 6, for the lack of consultation by our #NDP Alberta Government, farmers and ranchers came from all across the Province to have thier voices heard. Weeks later January 2016 Shiela Gunn Reid of @TheRebelTV and I for citizen news were both banned from the #AbLeg #Yeg

Painting About The News Stories That Matter to Albertans
Banned Art: Fort McMurray wildfire, The Beast
The 2016 Fire and Rain art project that focused my canvases and camera on wildfires of Alberta was banned 3 times on the Alberta Legislature grounds by officials, including the Legislative Assembly's Sergeant-of-Arms who said showing art on the grounds was inappropriate. I was later threatened with police action by a City of Edmonton employee on New Year's Eve for showing a painting from the Fire and Rain collection 'Escape from Fort McMurray.' I defended my right to freedom of expression with Civil Information Actions by being the media and employing respect for all people, property and the rule of law while picketing both the Government of Alberta and the City of Edmonton. After 42 days in total I won back my right and freedom to express myself with art in public. The City had apologized March 2017 while the 3 Alberta Legislature officials who verbally banned me in 2016 remain unapologetic.
2019-02-08 Art is freedom picket against the Alberta government calling for the Sargent at Arms Sergeant -at arms Brian Hodgson to be removed or step down from his duties because he does not respect Albertans, Canadian's right to free speech, freedom of the press, media communication and freedom of expression with art on the Alberta Legislature grounds or inside the Alberta Legislature building.
Tuesday February 5, 2019 Re-launched my "Art Is Freedom" civil information picket to protest the Alberta Government, defending my right freely express myself with art inside the Alberta Legislature. I confirmed with visitors services two floors surrounding the rotunda inside the Alberta Legislature where portraits of former Premiers, Speakers and Lieutenant Governors hung were off limits to artists like myself from sketch studying the portraits. Only students on tours inside the Alberta Legislature are allowed the privilege of sketch studying the portraits with the supervision of thier teachers and visitors service employees standing by. One visitors service employee suggested to me the paintings that hang in the Legislature's rotunda are the private gifts of the artists and sketches created by school students are confiscated by visitors services due to copyright issues. But yet visitor's services allows for photography of the portraits by the public while on tours. Not much of an argument over copyrights I thought to myself so I notified the Sheriffs again that I'll be picketing the Alberta Government demanding my right to public access to these paintings for my pleasure and right to sketch these wonderful paintings. The art gallery of Alberta tour guides and security encourages guests to sketch study all art works by world renowned artists but not always allowed to photograph images. 
Sketch study by Doug Brinkman sketched from inside the Alberta Borealis Gallery
Time For Change, Time for a new Sergeant-at-Arms 
September 23, 2017: Alberta Legislature: During yesterday's #172nd art show I informed Sheriffs and the Honourable Robert E. Wanner, M.L.A. who is the Speaker of the Legislature assembly that I'm calling out to other Albertans to contact the Lieutenant Governor Alberta Lois Mitchell to ask her to relieve the Sergeant-at-Arms from his duties because he does not respect the rights and freedoms of Albertans and Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Speaker said he will look into my allegations... It's been well over a year since I was threatened by the Alberta Legislature assembly Sergeant-at-Arms Brian Hodgson saying he was going to deal with me after verbally banning me in front of the Alberta Legislature steps from showing my paintings depicting the Alberta wildfires on the Alberta Legislature grounds. He said he did not like my (Citizen Free News) YouTubes, claiming my commentaries were inaccurate and that I was hurting the MLAs who work inside the Alberta Legislature. When I quoted the Canadian Charter protecting my rights and freedoms to express art and freedom of the press he said the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms do not apply on the Alberta Legislature grounds, only he dose. That's when I reached for my recording device to record our conversation and publish it here on YouTube.

Mr. Brinkman 
17 Oct 2017: I’m following up on your email to the Speaker’s constituency office as well as our conversation the other day. I don’t expect you will be having any further issues with the Sgt.-at-Arms as it may pertain to the display of your artwork on the Legislature Grounds. However, the Speaker will not be relieving Brian Hodgson of his duties. 

Alex McCuaig 
Chief of Staff to the Speaker 
of the Legislative Assembly

To Alex McCuaig I never really wanted the Sgt.-at-Arms removed from his job after serving so many good years with his honourable, privileged position working on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen, the good members of the Alberta Assembly and the people of Alberta. But it was from his privileged position that he overstepped his bounds with me and abused his powers like a common bully, being critical of my democratic right to report the news as a citizen news activist and then verbally banning my right to freely express myself with art on the Alberta Legislature grounds. It would have been decent for Brian to man-up to his mistakes and apologize in person but I'll have to accept your word that he'll remain in the bounds of his duties and not in the affairs of Albertans who participate in free democracy and freedoms to express themselves outside the doors of the Alberta Legislature. I'll continue sharing this experience with others and the importance of defending free speech and freedom of expression in Alberta, Canada. ​ 

Thank you 
Best Regards 
Doug Brinkman 

#ArtIsFreedom & Press Pass Pickets 
Civil Information Actions Continues...
2019-02-10 #YellowVests Rally while Antifascists, Political Left Counter Protest -33 windchill: Civil Information actions promoting my Alberta Legislature press pass picket day 110 and Art Is Freedom of Expression picket day 53 to both #YellowVests movement and antifascist, political left activists who were counter protesting Yellow Vests anti UN Migration protests. Edmonton Police Service and accommodating Alberta Sheriffs insured everyone had a peaceful rally protest.

Before the 2015 NDP Orange Crush Revolution
The NDP always appreciated my active citizenship to free news sharing. NDP office man Brian Stokes would often call me up and request video footage & photos I shot at rallies and protests and I would of course oblige because it's called citizen FREE NEWS without the $$$. Where was their corporate news friends at the time when MLA Rachel Notley marched down Whyte Avenue illegally during the womans march? Illegally because the organizers of the womans march each year would never inform the City of Edmonton or the Edmonton police service it's intentions to blocking traffic and endangering the health and safety of marchers and drivers as they marched from 112 st. to 100 st. along Whyte ave. chanting "whose streets, our streets!" 

Citizen Free News Press Pass Picket Continues...
In a decaying society, art, if it is truthful, must also reflect decay. And unless it wants to break faith with its social function, art must show the world as changeable. And help to change it. Ernst Fischer

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Edmonton Oilers Hockey Fans need to Make the Change to Win Again!

2019-02-13 Edmonton Oilers 1 Pittsburgh Penguins 3 
6.9.113 QUIT, LISTEN The Status versus Motion art project 
David Eggen, AB Education Minister Not a Bystander to Violence and Bullying in schools 

2017 Not a Bystander art project
Anger, Violence or Bullying
Non Violence Jersey was added to this art project as a third installment after the Oilers hockey team eliminated the San Hose Sharks during 2017 playoff season. Reports by local news media surfaced of a boy being bullied at the game and a woman being punched in the face after a game. Both were wearing San Jose jerseys. These acts of fan violence may have jinxed the home team's winning abilities in a City once known as Champions.

Alberta Independence Party, David Bjorkman presents list of Candidates

Spoiling My Ballot 2019 #Alberta Elections is "Sour Grapes" says Bernard Hancock The Roughneck.  #AbLeg #AbPoli #FreePressNot #ArtIsFreedom Full Story

Meet the Alberta Independence Party
We will deliver a prosperous future for all Albertans. We only need THE 4 PILLARS OF SOCIETY: working class, farmers, businesses, societies and organisations. I look forward to presenting you all with the real Alberta Advantage and ending the oppression from Ottawa. No Equalisation – No GST – No Carbon Tax – A Sovereign Alberta. David Bjorkman, Interim Leader & MLA Candidate seeking your nomination for Edmonton – West Henday.
Citizen free news clip Brian Mason currently the NDP House Leader and Minister of Transportation defending Omar Khadr 2007. Omar Khadr- More to the story Continued...

Alberta United, A Nation Divided. A series of YouTubes published since 2013 by Doug Brinkman for Citizen Free News covering anti and pro pipeline rallies in Edmonton.  Speakers Corner "Are you for or against pipelines" Continued...

Sarah Hoffman, Alberta's Minister of Health plans to expand her bubble zones to include all health care services throughout the Province. Doug Brinkman for Citizen Free News.

Spoiling My Ballot 2019 #Alberta Elections is "Sour Grapes" says Bernard Hancock The Roughneck.  #AbLeg #AbPoli #FreePressNot #ArtIsFreedom Full Story

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Fear is weakness - Junetta Jamerson, Edmonton Slutwalk, May 2014

People Have A Voice, The Will Be Heard!
2007 Citizen Free News 2019

Black History Month

Hold Me

On the way to my 112Th day Legislature press pass picket I ran into Teace Snyder. I asked Teace when are we going to make another movie? Teace wrote and directed the film Hold Me (2016) Anyone out there interested in producing Teace's next film?